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Name:Amarlie-Rose Satori
Birthdate:May 20
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Amarlie-Rose Satori was adopted as an infant by Lawson Satori, a Neurosurgeon, and his wife, Lillian, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in gender reassignment surgery, and both bonded over a love of painting as a hobby. They met a surgical convention in London and, both being ambitious and career-oriented, neither wanted to have children of their own. Instead, after five years of marriage, they decided to sign up for adoption and it took another two years for a match to be made for them.

Geneviève Hart was a sixteen year old girl from New York who fell pregnant in the middle of high school and passed the date for abortion. Initally, Lawson and Lillian though they would accept an older child, as they seemed to be more difficult to place with families. They had been told from the get-go that babies were always easier to find families for. However, they were told Gen had picked them specifically from a throng of potential adoption applicants, so they agreed to meet her.

It turned out that Lillian's career was what attracted Gen to them as potential parents for her unborn baby. Her brother, Paris, had suffered at the hands of vile bullies due to his sexuality, and because of what Lillian did for a living, it was proof to Gen that she was open-minded and not homophobic. Which was true, 100%. There wasn't a single homophobic thread in their family, and Lawson's brother was gay, in a long-term committed relationship and hoping to adopt themselves. It was just a tricky situation overall, because Gen didn't want anyone but her brother to know she was pregnant and having a baby. Because of that, Lawson and Lillian agreed to have Gen and Paris come stay with them for the end of the pregnancy, and paid for all of the pregnancy-related expenses throughout.

Gen gave birth to a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby girl who Lawson and Lillian named Amarlie-Rose, though ultimately she would mostly go by simply Amarlie. Gen wanted a closed adoption, which wasn't a surprise when she was desperately wanting to go back to her life and keep living out her teens with hopes of still having a career of her own one day. Amarlie's parents initally decided not to tell her she was adopted, though they lost their resolve on that when she was about twelve years old and started to ask why she didn't really look like anyone in her family. Damn kids and their exposure to movies, TV shows and the internet these days had Amarlie watching a movie about a girl who was adopted. She had always been an intelligent kid, and she put two-and-two together.

Her parents sat down with her and explained why they wanted to adopt, and how it all came about. Although initially resentful that they never told her, she came to understand in her own time that she had an amazing life they gifted her with and she was theirs by pure choice and yearning for her, something not all kids had. She also never wanted for anything, though they never let her be a spoiled brat. The older the got, the more she understood about the complexity of adoption, the the older she got the more she wondered about her biological mother.

When she turned fifteen, she outright asked her mom and dad who her mother was. Although Gen wanted a closed adoption, she would now be in her 30s, and they figured Amarlie's needs and wants should come first. They told her Gen's name and left the information with her to do with what she wanted. At first, she didn't look, but Google was too tempting now she had a name. She could never have anticipated what she found. As a kid who always loved fashion and had a dream to become a famous fashion designer, she had known Paris and Gen's name all along. She loved their magazine, FABULOUS, having received a subscription to it when she was thirteen. She just never linked the Gen and the Geneviève. It was amazing what you could see once your eyes were opened to it.

Still, she never actually had a pull to meet Gen. She had wanted to know who she was, and when she knew, she was content. It was only after reading in her dad's newspaper over breakfast one morning that she found out her biological uncle, Paris, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and undergoing treatment. And right alongside that, a quote not only from Gen about it, but... Gen's son, Justin Campbell. That, right there, fucked with Amarlie's mind, and then some. Of course most kids her age knew who Justin was, but if he was Gen's son, wouldn't that mean she had him right after she had Amarlie? At least within a year or so.

That had her running straight to Google, pissed off as all fuck that Gen gave her up and kept Justin. Then she found the full story, piece by piece. She sat online for hours reading all she could about Gen's link to Justin. Justin wasn't her biological son, she had adopted him, just like Amarlie's parents had adopted her. Only, it had been a recent occurence. This time, she not only read all about Gen's life, but also Justin's, Paris', and her husband, Mark's... right up until the terrible recent news that Justin had nearly drowned in Australia just last month. It was impossible to explain, but somehow inside, Amarlie knew it was time to go to New York.

Her parents bought her a plane ticket, and even though they both offered to go with her, she wanted to go alone. She had grown up in a whole other world from New York, born and raised in San Francisco. She wasn't sure if she would ever be 'ready' to take this leap, but deep down inside she knew she had to because her biological uncle was sick, and suddenly she wanted know if the family she never knew would ever want her in their lives.

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